Merrybellies Henna Gallery

Traditional, Unconventional, & Custom Designs

Anna Joujan having her hand painted 

at her Bon Voyage (to Zambia!) Party


The green paste cools & soothes the skin




After the paste dries and is removed, the design remains for a couple of weeks.





























"Jimmy says that since he had that fish henna-'ed' on his hand he has been catching more fish!" Gia







Henna Bellies are Gorgeous!

Barbara Ensley's Belly Art (based on a Yvonne Borgers' design)



Jennifer's henna belly.  Photo by Debbie Schneider, CPM.


Dancing Bellies ... 

Hellcat's Lion (for her belly dance performance at the Loca Luna Leo Bash)










Stephanie's Back/Photo by Kitty



Stephanie's Butterfly (photo by Kitty)









Jillanna applying henna.  Photos above and below by Debbie Schneider, CPM.






Kitty's Henna (photo by Stephanie)


















My henna paste & annointing potion consist of all-natural & organic ingredients - safe for pregnant mamas and for little children!  Henna body art makes a fun gift for a babyshower or blessingway.  Creation of the design takes a while, allowing plenty of time to talk and relax.  












Claudia Conn, CPM and Debbie Schneider, CPM celebrate Debbie's passage into midwifery: Debbie apprenticed with Claudia, earned her CPM early 2005, and will work with Claudia in partnership!






Weddings, Handfastings, Anniversaries, First Dates

Graduations, Birthdays, Reunions, Vacations

Performances, Rites of Passage, Celebrations




Desiree's Feet, front & side views


Henna suits all occasions. 



Camels Return Home


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