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The Service of a Doula

All women deserve a doula. Whether you are having your first baby or your twelfth, you will benefit from special care during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Doulas provide moral support, comfort measures, and smooth the communication between the mother and others. Partners find that doulas do not interfere with their interactions with their beloved ones, but encourage relations while allowing respite when needed. A skilled doula knows when to stand aside and when to act, providing unconditional support and constant, dependable presence. Doulas support your choices, providing or pointing the way to educational resources when desired. Doulas pamper, doulas nurture, doulas love what they do and it shows!


During your pregnancy, even before you become aware of the changes, you live in a very special heightened state of existence. Your senses grow sharper, your dreams may become more vivid, & your emotions rise to the surface. All changes have a purpose, whether pleasant or distinctly not! Your body and brain know what to do, even before the pregnancy test results bring confirmation. Trust in your body, love your body, and know that your body will grow and birth your baby (or babies) in good health.

Feeling confident in our bodies, and being (mentally) fully in our bodies, enhances our health. Exercise, education, and moral support encourages empowerment! I encourage practice of yoga, joining my prenatal belly dance class, martial arts, Aquanatal, or any pregnancy-safe exercise program that you enjoy. Walk. Swim. Frolic! Now is the time to flaunt your big belly, and not worry about your size and shape. As your baby grows, and your belly blossoms, throw all ideas of diet out the door! Eat happily, with gusto. You are beautiful.

Rites of Passage

In 21st century American culture, rites of passage for most birthing families revolve around technological and institutional practices. Doulas can help temper the dehumanization that may come with the routines and machines of hospital births. Doulas work with hospital nurses and other staff to make your time there as comfortable as possible. Promoting an atmosphere of calm & safety, your doula works to prevent harsh & unnecessary distractions, helping you to keep your focus in the sacred space of your birth environment.

Doulas bring different philosophies about the use of pain medication and other medical interventions. When you interview your doula, make sure you ask about her philosophy. Many doulas help women prenatally to formulate a birth plan, or at least have some idea of which interventions are desired, and which are to be avoided.

Ask the doula during the interview about prenatal meetings. Don't forget to find out what type of services she offers prenatally, during the birth, and post-partum. The services of doulas vary, so its important to interview!

During your pregnancy, you may choose to create a belly cast or have your belly (or anywhere else) henna painted. Rites of passage may also include prenatal and postpartum meetings, creation of a birth plan, birth support measures (massage, for example), and writing of the birth story! Your souvenirs of pregnancy and birth can be more than a pair of hospital scrubs!



Whether in the hospital, birth center, or home, skilled nurturing provided by your doula harmonizes with your other attendants, your loved ones, and the birth environment. Most importantly, your doula focuses her complete attention on you!

When you hire me as your doula, I make a pledge to rush to your side when you call.  Please don't hesitate to call when you need your doula!

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