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Postpartum Doula Service

   Post-partum: The Fourth Trimester

Our busy lives do not always afford the quiet and calm needed to enhance the special days and weeks following childbirth. A postpartum doula can free you from some of your obligations, giving you time to bond with your baby and to take care of yourself. Sometimes even taking a shower can be tricky business when you have a new baby. Other times you might need someone to listen to you, or (alternatively) to make sure you have some private, quiet time without interference.

Working mothers also benefit from post-partum doula services!  Come home from work to a warm meal, a clean house...  take a nap while your doula cares for the baby.  Get support and find the resources you need to care best for yourself and your family with the help of a doula knowledgeable about the available services and organizations serving mothers.

Merrybellies postpartum doula services are individualized and flexible.  The number of visits vary according to your needs as well.


Merrybellies postpartum doula services:

  • Help with domestic responsibilities (light cleaning, dishes, laundry)

  • Errands (alone or with mother & baby)

  • Meal preparation (vegetarian only)

  • Help with baby-care (diapering, bathing, infant massage, sleeping issues, baby slings and baby swaddling techniques... and more)

  • Help with finding community resources

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Help with other children

  • Birth arts (writing, drawing, etc.)

  • Herbal bath/foot massage/pampering

  • Post-partum belly dance

  • Post-partum henna!

  • Awareness of the signs of postpartum depression, and extra support for women susceptible to the condition

  • What do you need? Ask me.


Relieve stress. Prevent post-partum depression.

Hire a postpartum doula to support you!



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