Merrybellies Belly Dance Parties


If you have always wanted to try belly dancing, or would like to share the experience with your friends, you may want to organize a belly dance party.

Belly dance parties are perfect for celebrating special occasions such as bridal showers, bachelorette parties, baby showers, mother's blessings, birthday parties, girls' nights out, graduation parties.... or just for fun and exercise.

Jillanna's Belly Dance Parties offer these possibilities: Belly Dance Lessons only; Performance only; or Both the lessons & performance.

The Belly Dance Party may be a part of your event or may be the entire event. The length of time and special requests will be considered. Remember: Belly Dancers are Flexible! If you have ideas, or need suggestions, please ask.

Jillanna's dance studio in Ringgold, Moon Haven, is available for parties, or the party may be held at the location of your choice. Jillanna has performed and/or taught at restaurants, offices, churches, civic centers, private homes, and many other locations, for quite a range of events and celebrations. Sometimes we just need a Girls Night Out! 






Moon Haven Studio Interior


Dancer Testimonial ~

"I always wanted to learn Belly Dancing, but just never really pursued it. Then I had some life changing events and decided I was just going to do it!!! Of course it took a minute for me to get used to seeing myself move in such ways that I normally would not. But I never should have waited to Belly Dance. It brings out such strengths inside of you that you never knew were there. There are beauties in all of us that are just waiting to be found. Creativity that wants to be shown, and inspiration that we can give and receive of each other.

Jillanna teaches may styles of Belly Dance. We can feel comfortable with our dancing because it is us, what we like and make it part of ourselves. There is nothing ever forceful about Belly Dancing. Jillanna is very encouraging and sees the beauty in every dancer and the style or styles she chooses to dance. Belly Dancing can be a very personal thing to do for yourself, male or female. I enjoy all the creativity about Belly Dancing and performing it as well. It is so worth Shimmying into!"

~ Jamie



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