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Caution: Belly Dancer.   May Shimmy without Warning!    



Can be scheduled to come to a place of work, restaurant, home, or other location, anytime from early morning til late late night. 

Usually 10 to 20 minutes (but this is completely flexible!)...

Usually a Surprise...

Always Fun & Celebratory!

Affordable. Contact Jillanna for a quote.

A Belly Gram is a belly dance performance given as a gift, usually to an unsuspecting person.  The recipient may be celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or merely needing a moment of frivolity in his or her day.  Belly dancing at parties and special occasions is traditional, ancient, and respectable....  and fun, too.

Jillanna's Belly Grams vary according to individual requests, but often consist of two to four dances.  She will then attempt to coax the recipient of the belly gram to dance.  Other guests often dance as well! If so, Jillanna will let the music play longer and encourage the dancing.

Before the Belly Gram, Jillanna will want to be able to recognize the VIP and will ask for a description.  She will also want to set up a meeting spot out of sight of the recipient, and will need to arrange for someone to start the music on her portable stereo or ipod in many cases.









Tips are much appreciated!







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