Underground Oasis

Corpsewax Dollies

Underground Oasis Morbid Cabaret shows feature dancing and performance art with science fiction and horror themes. These shows are fusion, creative, and for adults. They feature alternative music and props, and stray into the shadowy, bizarre realm of dreams. The shows are organized like a movie or play, as a total entity from start to finish, complete with characters who may be otherworldly or wholly animal... The shows feature vampires, zombies, werewolves, aliens... played by the lovely and dark Corpsewax Dollies, and often featuring special guests.

We call the performances of our art

Morbid Cabaret

The Morbid Cabaret style is based upon belly dance, but includes the fusion of many other dance styles and veers far from traditional belly dance.

If you enjoy science fiction and horror, the Underground Oasis shows are for you. Please do not expect a traditional belly dance show; for instead you will experience surprises and strange stories performed by skilled and alluring damsels of the dark.







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